Talented Consultants

We are looking for talented consultants who want to make a positive difference for patients.

You have worked as a consultant for 1-2 years, or just finished a relevant Master or PhD, where you directly or in-directly have improved the life of patients.

You will work with improvement of business processes and data impacting a patient, including creation of required documentation. You will be trained in an agile project approach, and you will (re)design business processes and learn/apply how the related data is used most efficiently. You will also be trained to know how to apply to the regulations protecting the patients.

You like the high paced life as a consultant, working hard and sharing your knowledge and ideas with others. You are also a person who takes responsibility for own tasks, and cares for high quality in your work. In the future, you see yourself being a specialist within one or several business areas affecting patients, perhaps (but not necessarily) combined with a Project Manager role. Experience within the Life Science industry is to your advantage.

You speak and write Danish and English fluently. Speaking additional languages may be an advantage. You are able to travel as part of your work, as we service projects globally.

We offer a position where you can:

  • Enfold your talents
  • Make a difference to patients
  • Earn competitive pay

If the above sounds like a position for you, please send your motivational letter and resume to us.