Our clients have dedicated their products, services or governance body to improve the life of patients.

Our business is to support all those of you who cares for the patients, to meet the patients needs, in any possible way. oi720 does quality consulting handcraft, with an agile and multidimensional mindset.

Multidimensional means addressing the constantly changing patient needs, without compromising patient safety, product/service quality and respecting legal, ethical and moral standards, hence the 720 degree view on any deliverable. That is possible due to comprehensive industry experience combined with an innovative mindset.

The patient needs are fast moving, and we help the ecosystem around them to support those needs.

We cover the following business’:

  • life science
  • health care provider
  • medtech
  • authorities
  • insurance
  • patient societies

Our consulting consists of strategy support, business/service process design and optimization of data flows, including all the related (regulatory) documentation. We make everything operational, to ensure ideas and design create the expected value.

We believe business processes and data is key for servicing a patient. Technology is a valuable enabler, but only when you have a clear understanding of which business capabilities to support. Put in another way, we will make sure you’ll get the most business value of any technological investment.